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We believe there is no better investment for building long-term wealth than real estate.

Why we invest in Real Estate

Cash on Cash returns

Tenants pay down the loan

Depreciation & cost segregation

Forced appreciation

Economies of scale

Hedge against inflation

Generational wealth

Passive income through cash flow

What Asset Classes We Invest In


Strategy - Buy distressed properties that are under financial difficulty through foreclosure, short sale, probate, and deferred maintenance with the option of performing the BRRRR Method (Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat).


Strategy - Buy underperforming “mom & pop” multifamily properties that have demonstrated strong cash flow but are being held back by poor property management, lack of systems, and deferred maintenance. Our target is B & C class properties from 15 to 125 units.  We believe that this quantity of units is too big for the small investors and too small for the larger institutional investors, which allows for less competition.

New Construction

Strategy - Buy properties in high demand areas and construct new inventory with the options of selling for quick returns or 1031 Exchange the profits into other passive income-producing properties allowing the capital gains taxes to be deferred.

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